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What To Do After Getting Into A Car Accident

What to Do After Getting Into a Car Accident

Getting in an accident can be extremely frightening and stressful. You may wonder what to do after getting into a car accident. Upon being involved in an accident, it is important to follow the following actions.

Immediately Call The Police

For every accident that occurs, it is important to always call the police. Even if the accident is small and there appears to be no damage, it is always necessary to obtain a police report from the incident. When the police arrive at the scene they will ask some questions and will be able to provide a police report about the incident to give to all parties involved. The police report will have all individuals’ contact information as well as a legal record from the police of what appeared to happen in the incident. While it may seem obvious to contact the authorities first, this is not always what happens.

Call an Ambulance if Necessary

In smaller accidents, you might be hesitant to call an ambulance. While many accidents such as smaller fender benders might not always require medical attention, it is always in your best interest to get checked anyway to be safe.

In larger accidents, always call an ambulance. You or other parties may have been injured but are unaware of injuries at the time due to shock. As the shock wears off and days go by, this is when some injuries become present. The sooner your injuries are diagnosed, the faster you will be able to get treatment.

Complete All Treatment

If you are diagnosed with injuries, it is important to complete all appointments and treatment that is given to you by medical professionals. Missing treatment can lead to an increased length of time to recover from the incident. Depending on the incident, more intense injuries can increase your time out of work, school, etc. and put you behind in life. By attending all appointments scheduled, insurance companies are not able to deny the claim for “lapse in treatment.” Lapse in treatment is a common defense used by insurance companies that could show your injuries from the accident are not sustained over time.

Keep Medical Records and Receipts

When receiving medical attention or care, keep all records and receipts organized. If an attorney is hired for your personal injury case for a car accident, this will give you a great advantage. Keeping a record of the medical receipts will help provide you with the proper compensation for your case.

Hire an Attorney

Upon being in an accident, hiring an attorney to take your case is the best decision you can make. A successful attorney can help negotiate a higher settlement and provide the faster compensation you deserve for your case. For more information on the cost of hiring an attorney for a car accident, click here.

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