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The Best Questions To Ask Your Visa Immigration Attorney

The Best Questions To Ask Your Immigration Attorney

There are certainly certain questions to ask your immigration attorney. The immigration system requires a lot of patience and you have to be prepared for that. When you find the right immigration attorney, it can help reduce the time it takes to apply for an immigration visa. Be it moving to a new country or long term education, you have to put in a lot of effort for it to get approved.

You have to take the proper time to choose the right lawyer for your requirements. All you have to do is to put up a few questions that will help you understand the system. This will also help the attorney understand your needs. Before we move on to these questions, let’s start with a few things you should know about the immigration system.

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Things To Know About The Immigration System

Before you move on to apply for immigration, we want you to be prepared for everything that comes your way. To understand the whole scenario in a better way, you have to know the things mentioned below.

1) Ask your Immigration Attorney about the Complicated Immigration System

Many people prefer calling the whole system broken because of the cluster of all the complicated procedures it contains. One has to face a lot of problems when going through the process. However, your immigration attorney will surely help you out here. You need to make sure they are reliable and knowledgeable to be able to do so. Your immigration attorney should be able to help you during every step of the application for the visa.

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2) Ask your Immigration Attorney About How Long the Process Takes

Before we move on to further information about the immigration visa, you have to know that this is a slow-moving process. People with a family-based petition for the visa have to wait for over a decade for the acceptance of their initial petition. This is a fact and it happens to most of the cases out there. This is the reason you have to be prepared and get your visa application process underway. It can take up to 4 years to complete the entire process. However, if you have a reliable attorney by your side, things might move on quickly.

3) Know Your Status And Its Terms

It is highly recommended to know about your status and the terms of your status before you apply for a visa. Many small things can turn out to be a big issue and you need to evaluate all of that before you sign up. There are chances that a student working for more hours than authorized or employment during the school years can impact your visa application negatively.

Overall, you have to be prepared and if you have the right attorney with you, they will warn you about every little thing that can cause harm. Criminal offenses can also affect your current status and you have to discuss all this while meeting with your immigration lawyer.

Questions To Ask Your Immigration Attorney

Now that you know the insider information about immigration law and visa application, you will be able to frame better questions for your lawyer. Here are some of the most common and important questions you need to ask.

1) Specialization In Visa And Family Immigration

A lawyer that specializes in visas for family immigration can help students and families. As discussed earlier, it might take a decade in a few cases for the family petition and the right lawyer will help reduce the time.

2) Membership Of American Immigration Lawyers Association

Being a member of the association is always a heads-up and you can get plenty of benefits from it. Ask the lawyer about what association they are a member of and their expertise. This will give you an idea about their knowledge and the number of successful practices by them.

3) Ask your Attorney About Background Checks

Running a background check on your attorney can tell you a lot about them. Start with checking up on the internet and go through the reviews. Look for what people say about them and how they helped make the process better. Ask them about any of their past experiences that may have resulted in dishonest behavior.

4) Similar Cases In The Past And Their Results

Ask about their past cases which were similar to yours and the outcomes for them. This will tell you their area of expertise and if they match your requirements, it will be the right fit. The right client will share their favorable outcomes from their past experiences and it will be enough to help you figure out the best options.

5) Ask your Immigration Attorney About Their prior Immigration Experience

Experience can turn tables anywhere and you have to ask about the years of expertise your lawyer has in immigration. Understanding the law seems nearly impossible but someone with years of experience can get your hopes high.

6) Ask your Immigration Attorney About Your Chances Of Success

The chances of success depend on your profile but the right attorney will represent the file in a way it gets accepted. However, there is no specific outcome and all you need is a dedicated attorney who helps create a perfect immigration application.

7) Ask your Immigration Attorney About The Cost

Knowing about the financial details is an important aspect you should ask your attorney right away. This will include the retainer fee, charges per hour, and the billing time for each month. Set up a payment plan and this will help you both.

8) Written Contract

Ask the immigration attorney if there is going to be a written contract for your case. This contact will include all the payment terms and how often you will be paying the attorney during the procedure. It will also include the responsibilities of your attorney and the requirements as per your need.

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Getting help from an immigration lawyer is the most crucial part of your process of visa application. Hiring a lawyer is crucial as they help with the immigrating process. If you are wondering why it is important to hire an immigration attorney, click here. If you want to find some additional questions to ask your immigration attorney, click here. Now that you know what you have to ask, we hope you find the right fit for your visa application.

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